Pastor Mays is Back

Bishop cast the vision of Pentecost for 2018-2019 Year ! 

Pastor Mays is in the process of updating the appointed Class Leaders as well as their member lists. Please provide your updated information as well as your email contact for the church newsletter. Please feel free to mention on your card the name of anyone that you wish the pastor to contact or visit with a steward. 


Email at


If you are interested in serving please see these officers.


Women's Missionary Society - Sis. Earlene Stokes  

Young People's Division- Mia Montgomery and Oshanae Hodges

Lay Organization - Sis. Gussie Barnett

Usher Board- Bro. Charles McAlpine 

Sunday School Superintendent- Sis. Nina McAlpine



Pro Tem Lisa Hawk, Earlene Stokes, Debra Wilson, Maxine Rogers, Guszella Barnett, Evangelist Elaine Stokes, Andrew Zenno and Exhorter Ron Jamerson.



Pro Tem Kevin Jackson,  Samuel Rodgers, Martin Austin, Kenneth Stokes, Sr. and Miranda Jennings.


Stewardesses: Sis. Jane Venzant. Sis. Doris Glover and Sis. Carrie Chaplin. 

Bound Together ~UBUNTU