Thee First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Historic Sun Village

Announcements 2023


Women's Missionary Society - Sis. Marrion Tryon

Young People's Division- Mia Montgomery

Lay Organization - Sis. Gussie Barnett

Usher Board- Bro. Kenneth Stokes Sr. 

Sunday School Superintendent 



Pro Tem Lisa Hawk, Earlene Stokes, Maxine Rogers, Guszella Barnett, Evangelist Elaine Stokes, Mia Montgomery and Andrew Zenno 


Pro Tem  Samuel Rogers, Kevin Jackson, Kenneth Stokes, Sr., Maurice White, Miranda Jennings and Charles McAlpine.

Stewardesses: Sis. Doris Glover, Tanesha Williams, Brenda Pinset and Sis. Carrie Chaplin. 

Bound Together ~UBUNTU