Rosemary Pyatt Trinity Outreach Center


 January 28th 2017

8:30 am

 Rosemary Pyatt Trinity Outreach Center


Join us tomorrow as the Missionary Society of St. John Holy Trinity gives groceries away in Lake Los Angeles. 

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    Mary (Friday, 27 January 2017 18:29)

    May the Holy Spirit fill all of those who attend these services!

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    Mary J Mays (Friday, 27 January 2017 18:23)

    May God continue to bless your good works in the community.

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    Justin (Friday, 27 January 2017 14:48)

    I truly feel the Holy Spirit in the church. Rev. Mays preaches the true liberating gospel. Each sermon I have heard, has encouraged me to dig deeper into my spiritual welfare and build up my armor of God. Even in these perplexing times, Rev. Mays has given me comfort by saying the pendulum will swing back towards justice soothing us all.

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    Natalya (Friday, 27 January 2017 14:07)

    I love this church and the wonderful members!